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SAS proudly invites you to help our travel experience reach new heights in our first ever, annual Hackathon. Prizes will fly you all the way to Silicon Valley and could even land you a chance to make your high flying idea come to life together with SAS Labs.

Join us for 24 hours of fun and inspiring hacking.

Enrollment is closed now!

SAS Headquarters Friday October 19 -
Saturday October 20
Frösundaviks allé 1, 169 70 Solna

How It Works/Timeline


Teams apply with their best ideas and a brief presentation.

Invitations to HAX 2018 are extended to teams with top ideas. Teams are also granted access to the SAS HAX toolkit to allow for better preparation for their HAX final pitching.

Invited teams meet for 24 hours of fun hacking and pitching in front of the HAX 2018 jury. Winning teams will be announced and awarded after judging is complete.

Challenges to Hack

Challenge Number One

Make Time Matter

How can we provide travelers with services and tools to get even more value from their time?

How can traveling be made more enjoyable, meaningful, or flexible? At SAS Labs we strive to make our travelers’ time matter. That’s why we built an app for all things traveling, that’s why we are leaders in this industry, and that’s why we continue to innovate.

Main Requirement: Build a functioning prototype using any tools. Join us in making time matter even more.

Challenge Number Two

Connected Flights

How can we leverage the high speed internet connections being rolled out at SAS flights?

Citizens of the Nordic countries are used to having access to high speed internet at school, work, home and in between, but high speed internet connection at 10,000 meters is new. What are the best ways to use it?

Main Requirement: Build a functioning prototype using any tools. Join us in creating the future of connected flights.

The Jury

Jury - Annelie's picture


Executive Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, SAS

Jury - ANDREAS's picture


CTO, Capgemini Scandinavia & Sogeti, VP, Capgemini

Jury - MATTIAS's picture


Executive Vice President and CIO, SAS

Jury - MARIE's picture


Head of Products and Concepts, Swedavia

Jury - JAYASANKAR's picture


Chief Architect & Innovation Evangelist Travel and Transportation industry, Tata Consultancy Services

Jury - MATS's picture


VP BCIO Commercial IT & Digital development, SAS

Jury - JOHAN's picture


Head of EuroBonus, SAS

Jury - SUNE's picture


CTO, Volvo Car Mobility / M

Jury - MARIA's picture


Head of Digital Development, SAS

Judging Criteria

The jury will consider the following criteria:

  • How original is the presented prototype?
  • How creative is the presented prototype?
  • How executable is the presented prototype?
  • How well does the presented prototype fit SAS business?
  • What is the potential impact of the presented prototype?
  • How well is the prototype presented?

Who Should Enroll?

SAS Labs welcomes all developers, designers, project managers and innovators who want to hack the future of traveling! Some criteria:

  • Applications should consist of 2-3 member teams
  • Diverse skillsets are encouraged but not a must



  • Checkin
    Opening ceremony
    Hacking begins


  • Hacking concludes
    Pitch presentations
    Award ceremony
* Invited teams will be provided with detailed schedules

Hackathon Awards

In each category and for every team member

Our Partners


Don’t have a team?

Contact to learn more about finding team mates.

How many ideas can we enter with?

You can enter with one idea in one challenge.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring anything you need to hack apart from paper, pens, and Wi-Fi. So laptops, cell phones, chargers and any other electronics/accessories you require. Don’t forget to bring any props you might need for pitching. A blanket or some warm clothes if you plan on sleeping, and toiletries are recommended.

Will there be food?

Yes! Dinner and a midnight meal will be provided on Friday, while breakfast and lunch will be available on Saturday. Snacks will also be provided during the event.

Will there be places to sleep?

Yes, there will be an area for sleeping onsite and something will be provided to keep you off the immediate floor. If you wish to leave the venue to sleep you are welcome to do so.

Will the event and final pitch presentations be in English?

Yes, to accommodate any English-speaking hackers as well as our English-speaking selection committee and jury, all event information will be in English, as will final pitch presentations during the event.

What can we win?
  • 1st prize in each challenge is ticket vouchers with SAS to San Francisco for all team members. Some restrictions apply. Invited teams will be notified about validation periods
  • 2nd prize in each challenge is ticket vouchers to London for all team members. Some restrictions apply. Invited teams will be notified about validation periods.
  • 3rd prize in each challenge is portable speaker from Audio Pro for all team members.

Is it free to join HAX?

Yes. Admission to HAX 2018 is free. Roughly 15 teams will be selected and invited.We cannot reimburse participants for any costs (e.g. travel; accommodation) occurring at or around the event. Winners are responsible for paying any taxes associated with awarded prizes.

Thank you for your interest in HAX 2018. If you have further questions please email us at and we will be happy to assist you!

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